Conference Chair’s Message for the 2023 Chiplet Summit

Chuck Sobey, Conference Chair

Chiplet Summit offers an insightful, leading-edge program for our first annual event! You will learn about chiplet design, integration, packaging, test, and standards. You’ll also get insight into industry trends from panels and keynotes by major players and hot newcomers.

Heterogeneous integration of chiplets and new innovations in packaging will keep semiconductor innovation flowing. Designs will come to market faster than ever and be more scalable and more modular.  Chiplet Summit will be the must-attend annual event where everyone comes to share ideas and best practices, make new connections, and set the direction for the industry.

Chiplet Summit attendees will benefit from: 

  • The latest information on heterogeneous integration, co-optimization, and die-to-die interfaces
  • Hands-on displays of new products
  • Meeting key people in the industry, face-to-face  

Come learn about an exciting new technology, make key industry connections, and help create the chiplet ecosystem at the first annual Chiplet Summit!