Exhibitor Lead Capture App

For those that would like to capture leads by scanning badges at the Chiplet Summit we have an app called My-QR.
For those that have an iPhone just reply to this email and instructions for installing on an iPhone will be sent.

Chiplet Summit – Badge Scanning Instructions


The QR Code on a Chiplet Summit is in VCARD format. This means that any QR code scanning app will recognize the VCARD. 

If you have an iPhone then the more recent iOS versions will recognize it with the Camera function. It will then open it in your Contacts app which is standard on all iPhones.


Chiplet Summit Exhibitors options for Lead Capture


Android phone users can install the MyQR Android app. To set up for scanning at the event you must configure a few settings. 


Copy and paste this  00D5f000000Kf85 into the 2nd field next to the Get Events button as shown below. Click the Get Events button and select Chiplet Summit 2024.

Also turn on the first and 2nd checkboxes.


If your company uses Salesforce.com paste your company’s Salesforce ORGid into the 1st field for Enhanced Setup.  Any lead that you scan you can send directly to your Salesforce ORG with the Send Contact To Salesforce Leads.


Fill in the MyQR with your email and click the Generate My QR Code button. You are now ready to scan badges.


This will tell the system who from your booth are scanning leads. Once the show is over Chiplet Summit will email you a spreadsheet of all your leads.


For those registrations that have filled in the qualifying questions during registration you will see their answers. Here is an example….